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3 Best Practices for Digital Marketing

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Tactics and tools in marketing change because technology changes; thus, people’s behaviors change. Marketers and companies need to stay abreast of the best practices in marketing so they can be sure to reach their intended audience and reach them in ways and with content they want to see.

Here are 3 ways to connect with your audience this year.

Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing is a must in 2021. Consumers want a personal touch, but rarely does anyone want to use the phone anymore. Consumers also want timely responses, yet still don’t want to pick up the phone. In the age of instant messaging, feedback and results, waiting 24 hours for an answer to a question is frustrating.

Chatbots are the solution to this problem and a must-have solution. Chatbots allow your customer to receive around-the-clock service through AI. Chatbots also allow you to collect data on your consumers thus allowing you to have more targeted campaigns.

And if you are pausing right now because you are unsure of where to start, you can contact PTM to help you get started, or you can do a quick Google search and find several companies that will integrate with your website.


We have all joked or heard someone joke that social media’s algorithm got something wrong. “I don’t know why Instagram thinks I want ads for a steakhouse; I am a vegetarian” or “Well, clearly Facebook thinks I am a middle-aged car enthusiast with that ad.” While these are usually jokes, these occurrences do support the statistic from Optinmoster that 70% of consumers get frustrated when marketing has nothing to do with them; thus, companies see a 20% increase in sales opportunities and 18x the revenue when they use personalization.

More personalization can happen in several ways, and adding a name to an email or ad can be one of them. But social media provides a variety of ways to personalize marketing. Social media is not just a place for companies to design an ad campaign, schedule the posts and turn to a new task. Presence and personality on social media matter.

Whoever runs your social media marketing must interact on social media. And these interactions have to have a consistent personality. People want to feel like they are getting to know who they are doing business with.

Currently, Instagram’s algorithms want to see accounts engaging. Accounts that have high engagement will get noticed more. So this is a win-win.

Video marketing

There is no denying that people love watching videos on social media. Youtube told us this years ago, and then FB and IG told us. Now, Tik Tok is screaming it.

So if your marketing strategy does not have videos in it, you are missing out. Maybe you are hesitant because you are not a filmmaker. But unless you're a filmmaker, your customers don’t care how good of a filmmaker you are. They do care about your product. They also care about authenticity. So encourage your customers to take some unboxing videos. Or ask your employees to sit for an interview. Video some employees horsing around in the office. Take a video of you guys receiving a new shipment or redesigning a new space.

A quick word about Tik Tok: it is not just for kids. And they make it so easy to create interesting videos. And even if you don’t have a following o Tik Tok and your market will never be on Tik Tok *they will eventually tho, beat them there), you can create a video on Tik Tok and upload it to Facebook and Instagram where your audience is. Seriously, the video creation is very easy. Tik Tok gives you songs, sound bites and filters to make you look like a pro!

All of these tools point to one very important practice in digital marketing or really any marketing: authentically engaging your audience. Reach out to the professionals at PTM or another SEO consultant for more information.


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