4 Ways to Increase Email Opt In

An email campaign is only as good as its list. A good list consists of emails from people who opted to be on that list because they have an interest in a product, service or field. These are the people who open and read a company’s email. An unopened email is worse than an unsent email as people may see it as spam and begin to associate that company with junk mail.

The most opened email is an expected email. Knowing this is to know the importance of garnering emails in an authentic way. There are many ways to do this and build trust among clients and potential clients.

Engage on Social Media

Engagement does not mean posting advertisements or hard sales pitches. It does not mean posting memes or cute cat pics.

It means adding value through authentic conversation. Companies should engage with their followers by reaching out to them for feedback, responding to post comments and posting content that is helpful.

When users start to see a company’s content as valuable, they will want to seek out ways to have more access to that content.

BAM---email list!

Building an online presence will allow companies to get more opt in email addresses.