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5 Website Mistakes That May Cost Your Business A Lot

In a world full of websites, not every single one is created and designed along with the best marketing principles. There are websites for all types of small businesses out there. However, only a small percent of those websites are powerful enough to successfully engage with users and convert them to customers. In order to help you get into that percent, we are sharing the five most serious website mistakes that cost businesses (including yours) sales and profits.

1. Not Being Mobile-Friendly

Did you know that the number of mobile users has outperformed the number of desktop users in 2014? Even after that, the rise of mobile continues to grow with more than 2 billion smartphones sold on our planet. Aside from this, it's a common fact that mobiles are used more than computers.If your website fails to be optimized for mobile users, this may cost you a lot in sales and potential customers (who cannot find their way on your website)

2. Bad Copy

A brand's online copy should always tell a story. Instead of bragging or preaching about the business, the only thing it should sell right from the homepage are the benefits of the products and services. All of the service pages should be concise, engaging, relevant and able to sell the company.

3. Slow Loading Pages

There is nothing that the average Internet user hates more - than a slow loading pages.Seriously, there isn't a modern day website visitor who won't be fed up with a page that loads slowly. This paints a bad picture for business and can definitely lose you thousands of dollars in potential sales and new customers.

4. Lack Of - Or Bad Visuals

It's a common fact that the human eye falls for visuals more than it does for words. If a picture is worth a thousand words, you should make sure that every visual, color combination and stock image that you use on your website is consistent and relevant to the content.

5. Lack Of Calls To Action

Last but not least is call to action (CTA). The best way to describe it is as the main purpose of your website. Whether it's an email signup form, your contact number at the bottom of the page or a pop-up screen with a discount for the user who first 'lands' on the page - the inability to offer calls to action is a missed shot with each and every one of your customers. We hope that these mistakes helped you reevaluate the strength of your website! If you need more assistance with them, make sure to get in touch with us today!


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