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6 Types of Social Media Posts to Spark Engagement With Your Followers

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Are you seeking more engagement from your followers on social media? Here are 6 types of posts you need to be using today. 

Request Feedback Post 

Ask for feedback on your products, services, websites or posts in general.

Ask for Recommendations Post

Give your followers the opportunity to recommend products or services they personally love. It’s a great way to connect on a deeper level. 

Fill in the Blank Post

A classic post. Example: “My Favorite Marketing Tool is ________.” 

Ask for Help Post

Followers love to come to the rescue. Ask them for help in a post.


Opinion Post

Give your opinion on a top topic and in turn ask your followers for theirs! 

Inside Scoop Post

Your followers will love to learn the inside-scoop on you or your business. Give a little insight into your life or behind-the-scenes. 

There are many other types of posts that you can create, but the bottom line is to post content that starts a conversation with your followers. That way, there is an incentive for them to engage!


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