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A Tailor-Made Life

Take a look at Jaime Lynn Curley’s Instagram. There in pictures is a woman, wife, and mother who is living a full and happy life. Pictures of smiling kids, fashionable clothes, wonderful travel and just a ton of smiles. But as Jaime will tell you, this all did not happen without thought and dedication. Like many of us, Jaime was stuck in a corporate job, slugging down coffee and missing her family--until she declared it was time for a change.

Jaime Lynn Curley is the founder of and the Balanced Lifestyle Specialist at Tailor Made Life. Jaime received her degree in fashion merchandising from Philadelphia University and worked for eleven years at a high-end clothing retailer as a sales trainer. In this position, she flew all around the country spending more nights in hotel rooms than with her own family. Jaime realized this was not what she wanted, and she walked away. Within a year of creating her own business, she exceeded that corporate salary!

Jaime formed Tailor Made Life after realizing she was not fulfilled in her corporate position. She felt she was missing out on important things in life like reading bedtime stories to her children. She realized that her health and her joy were being sacrificed, but also knew it did not have to be that way. Now she is “on a mission to set people free-physically and financially.”

Defining herself as someone who gives 100% to her work, Jaime found it hard to slow down. But as she tells her story, slowing down is exactly what she and her family needed. She has created a Tailor-Made Life where she can be happy, herself and financially thriving.

Now Jaime assists “women in designing a life around balance and style with a focus on natural energy and mental clarity to create memorable experiences in both personal and professional life” and shows busy working moms “mom how to maximize her time now to have freedom and choices for the future.”

Jaime has proven success in retail and sales, and health and wellness. She is ready and willing to share her knowledge with others.


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