Are Blogs Really Worth the Time?

The first time I found myself depending on a blog was when I purchased my first flock on backyard chickens. There was so much to learn. I had so many questions and did not have a real life network who knew about this. So I relied on an online network.

Soon I was able to stop Googling my questions and just go straight to a source because I had found a blog that was so helpful (fyi:

Now 10 years later, I still seek out information on this blog. They have established themselves as accurate, caring, open and trustworthy. I read their articles, the comments and I even post questions.

I remember when blogs first came out. I was turned off to them because they were described to me as online diaries. I could not imagine why someone would put their diary up for everyone to read.

However, as blogs became more popular and I was exposed to more of them, they became a critical part of my online life. Blogs became THE place to source information.

That can be you within your industry. A good blog will draw people to your company. You can become the go to place for information or help for your industry. Imagine the traffic that will be driven to your website. Imagine the social standing you will gain if you become the go to guy or gal. Imagine your brand growth.