Conquering Video Conferencing

COVID-19 took so much away from us. But this blog will focus on one thing it has given us: video conferencing.

Yes, of course, it was around before. But my 65 year old mother was not using it to have happy hour drinks with her friends. And my 5 year old nephew wasn’t using it to show me his painting for the Letter A Day. Zoom, Google Hangouts, Web X and so many others are now a household necessity. And a business necessity!

Business Best Practices for Video Conferencing

Because it is now expected that everyone is using these video conferencing platforms, if it is new to your company, there are a few things to consider.

First, remember that people on your staff are going to be at very different levels of comfort and know-how when it comes to these technologies. Not only do you need to be sensitive to this, but you may want to do a quick survey of your employees. For those that are uneasy, make them a tutorial video and have some short practice sessions available for them. This way they are not intimidated or uneasy on their first virtual meeting.

Set norms!

Before the first virtual meeting be sure to tell your staff what is expected of them when they are on a video conference. Here are some ideas: