Consumers Want Personalized and Quick Service in 2021

Many of us joke about the level of intrusion from large companies tracking our data. But one thing we know is that most of us have come to rely on it. Our streaming devices have a section that suggests what movies or shows we will enjoy. Facebook’s advertisements are curated for us and man, they are usually spot on. Amazon does the same thing. So while we may think it is creepy on some level, we have become used to it and even depend on it.

So that means that consumers are looking to be known and heard. In 2021, it is ever so important to make sure you personalize your marketing.

And, after you have personalized your marketing and secured the customer, you better be there when they need and want you.

There is a new term in marketing, micro-moment. Definition: “An intent-rich moment when a person turns to a device to act on a need – to know, go, do or buy.”

Think Amazon’s Buy Now button. All I have to do is swipe!

Understanding these micro-moments requires marketers to rethink the traditional funnel which states awareness, consideration and decision.