Email Marketing:Does Anyone Really Open Emails Anyway?

In our last article about email marketing, we discussed the importance of quality content in an email. It is one of the main factors that drives a company’s open rates. Think about what it is that you want to read when you open an email. Most people like to read things that make them laugh, make them smarter, inspire them and benefit them.

The first thing readers look at is the subject line, so be sure catch a reader's attention with it. Do not mislead readers in the subject line, but it still must be catchy. There are a variety of subject lines that can catch the reader’s eye that can also be followed by engaging content.


Tap into people’s curiosity or FOMO (fear of missing out). Listicles are incredibly attractive, even if just a guilty pleasure. How can anyone resist clicking on “The top 10 things happy people do.” Companies can create their own listicles that are relevant to their readers.

These lists do not need to be a hard sell. Avoid something like “10 reasons you need to buy from[ insert business name] or “Top 5 reasons we are better than others.”