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Facebook and Email Campaigns

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

A few Facebook users have noticed that Pages now allows to send marketing messages.

Obviously this is still in the testing stages, and has been kept pretty quiet, but there have been reports from users in the US and Australia. These users have been receiving a prompt page to send marketing emails through their Pages.

So far it does not seem to be adding an functionality for users. Prior to this, Facebook users could use third-party Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM). Facebook users like all CRM users still follow the rules of the CAN-SPAM Act.

Here is how it works?

Basically, email addresses need to be manually added to a database and then the owner of the Page needs to confirm the contacts have elected in. After the terms are agreed to, users can create email campaigns. These emails can be gathered through Lead Ads.

This is not much different than most CRM. Users still have to import a database, and as of right now the emails show the sender as your '' email address which is attached to your account.

This does not add much for those with a CRM system already because you still need to import a database.

Here are some reasons why Facebook may have decided to enter this field.

This may help businesses target their business ads by using Facebook's data matching tools, yet we have not seen this yet, but I eagerly await.

Newer businesses and younger business owners may not have a CRM system yet, so Facebook could fill that hole for them, and they will never need to use a third party CRM. These users would just save their leads right there in Facebook.

Eventually, Facebook will be cutting out the middle step and making advertising and creating leads on Facebook all the easier.

This makes users wonder, what is Facebook looking toward in the future

Using Third Party CRM systems Right Now

Even if you are not part of the testing phase, you can still use Facebook to collect emails and leads. You will have to use a third party CRM and then you can integrate your Facebook leads generation ads with that CRM. Your leads will be collected through a CVS export downloaded from Ads Manager. Facebook provides step by step directions.

Lead Ads are different from other ads on Facebook because they ask people to fill out an interest form. People who see your ad and are interested in your products or services will fill out a form including their email address. This is how the CVS report is created.

Because of this there are requirements and guidelines for these types of ads. You can read about those in depth on Facebook, but here is a summary.

  • A link to the privacy policy for your business.

  • Information for your reasonably prominent notice.

  • A list of the information you would like to collect in your form.

  • Any required information or fields for managing your leads

  • Information you want to include in an intro section.

  • The text and creative assets for your ad.

So while you wait for Facebook to fully unveil their CRM, you can use these great tools now and create Lead Ads and get emails to follow up on those leads!


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