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Facebook Launches Ads with Click to Message Feature

It’s not news that consumers want to interact with the brands they like. They want a relationship they can trust.

We have written several articles about these consumer needs. Take a look at the research behind these trends, “Here is What Online Shoppers Want” and “Consumers Want Personalized and Quick Service in 2021

Facebook knows this and has launched a Click-to-Message feature for ads. According to Facebook, 75% of adults want to communicate with companies by messaging. This feature will allow businesses to start messaging conversations with ads that click to message. These ads will show up in the feeds of people more likely to have a conversation with your business. They will send people who click on your ad right to Messenger, Instagram, and/or WhatsApp. The purpose is to help your business get more conversions by building trust and relationships.

On their website, Facebook says “If someone doesn't have a certain app installed, we may show your app on another destination. For example, if someone doesn't have WhatsApp installed, they may be sent to Messenger instead.”

During the ad creation process, businesses will create the ad and the messaging experience for their users allowing customization.

Facebook has published tips for maximizing this feature. They suggest:

Use the Messages objective to optimize the delivery of your ads: This objective optimizes to show ads to people more likely to respond to your business in Messenger.

Along with this feature, businesses will be able to add a click to chat button in their Instagram ads that link directly to What’s App. What’s App is already a frequently used messaging app for businesses in India.

This expansion is offering businesses many opportunities through Facebook, but is it making them too dependent on Facebook?


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