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Facebook Manager: The Safety Your Business Needs

I know, another thing from Facebook!

But it is free so why not give it a chance

Who is Facebook Business Manager for?

Facebook Business Manager is a necessity for businesses and has been around since 2015. Many people have not heard of it because it is solely for businesses.

Hailed by Facebook as a “one-stop shop” for businesses, this can help businesses manage all things business, while keeping personal social media accounts separate, allowing employees limited accessibility and creating ease.

Created by Facebook to be a place where businesses can manage their ads, Facebook Business Manager allows a business to add a marketing firm or employee to the account with limited accessibility.


It also keeps all personal accounts separate and unlinked. This is incredibly important for businesses whose employees want to maintain their personal accounts but need to work on the business account. Many employees would create fake or “grey accounts” through which they linked to their company’s business page in order to keep their personal accounts and lives separate. That is no longer necessary with Business Manager.


Facebook Business Manager also provides a level of security. Employees quit. Now companies have one portal where all the vendors, employees and assets are located and an audit can be done quickly and easily.

It also provides a Security Center that allows companies to choose a two-factor authentication for all employees. Through the Security Center managers can also see which employees have been inactive.

Facebook recommends users get a Business Manager account if:

  • The business has a marketing team

  • The business has multiple assets: pages, ad accounts or apps

  • The business works with vendors who run accounts or pages

  • The business wants to control permissions

  • The business wants to grow by requesting access to other pages or accounts

  • The business is concerned about safety

For some businesses FB Manager is not even an option. Those businesses that want to create custom audience lists based off an email list MUST have Facebook Business Manager as of 2018.

Creating an Account

To create an account, go to and click create an account.

Add the details of the business.

After confirming, there is an option to add Facebook business pages. Users can add existing pages, create new pages or request access to an existing page.

There is a difference between the last two options and that has to do with access. Requesting Access is for those who are managing accounts for clients. Those who are managing their own accounts, should just add existing pages.

Continue to follow the prompts to set up an account, and refer to Facebook’s help guide if needed.

Once the account is all set up, business operators will be excited to explore Ads Manager. This allows users to set up a target demographic group using the “create a new audience” button. Once created, Ads Manager will provide the user with estimates regarding the number of people the ad will reach and how many might click on it. This estimate is based on the budget and target audience.

To create an Ads Manager account, click Ads Manage in the top left of the Business Manager screen.


Like all social media platforms, Business Manager provides analytics to help users make better decisions. Some key analytics provided are:

  • Split testing to help decide which ad is more effective

  • Mobile SDK for businesses that have an app and want to see what actions are being taken within that app

  • Funnels allow businesses to track the journey a user took from first click to end of use

  • Revenue reports not only report on revenue but the age and gender of the purchaser

  • Customer Lifetime Value reports will show how much a customer is worth over the span of a few months


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