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Here is What Online Shoppers Want!

Facebook recently published a report which looks at social media’s influence on e-commerce. The purpose of this study is to “discuss the broader implications of how the evolution of digital media has disrupted the shopper journey from Trigger to Evaluation to Purchase through to Post-purchase, and what brands and retailers must do to shape and win along the shopper journey of the future.”

Here are some takeaways

  • Brand loyalty is at risk. With online shopping being so convenient and price comparison being instant, brand loyalty has decreased with only 8% reporting they are loyal to brands. But it is not hopeless. Facebook looked at another study and found that there are 6 drivers to brand loyalty. This list is most important to less important

  • Exceeding expectations and outperforming other brands

  • Building trust

  • Setting trends

  • Sharing values

  • Respecting consumers

  • Making memorable experiences

  • Follow Up with after purchase contact. Consumers want to know their purchase was received and shipped.

  • But the conversation should not end there. Conversational marketing is becoming more and more expected. Keep your customers informed around relevant topics. Ask them questions. Get their feedback. Stay in touch.

  • Keep data safe.

  • Exceed Expectations! A brand can do this by, respectfully, using customer’s data to tailor communication especially for them. This will foster trust and loyalty.

Facebook has also researched each of the stages of the online shopper's journey. You will notice the first stage of the shopper’s journey is Triggering. At first, this sounds weird, too passive, but Facebook’s research has shown that online shoppers are in fact passive. It is a less deliberate act than even before the pandemic.

According to their research, Facebook reports that globally 9 of 10 shoppers took a deeper look at a product after seeing it on social media.

Research done in Hong Kong shows that live-streaming is gaining popularity and interaction with the host in real-time adds a new level of intimacy between brands and consumers.

Online shopping has become less disruptive to

daily life and the daily scrolling of shoppers. With one-click shopping on various social media platforms, online shopping is easily integrated into daily activities.


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