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How Can SEO Help You Grow Your Online Business (For FREE!)

Whether you are new to search engine optimization (SEO) or don’t have a budget to see it as an ongoing service, the good news is that SEO is not rocket science and the basic things can be done by almost anyone.

Basically, SEO is the practice of improving your position on search results on Google and other search engines. The general rule of thumb is simple - the more optimized your website is, the higher it will appear in the search results. Obviously, this means more traffic and hopefully more potential customers for you.

In order to make this happen and realize how SEO can help you grow your online business, you need to focus on three important things - listed below.

Fresh (and keyword-optimized) content

First on the list is your content - something that you cannot rank without. Every website needs to have unique content in order to rank higher. What’s more important is that your content must include the popular keywords you are trying to rank for.

For example, if you run a car dealership in Boston, you must research for keywords such as ‘car dealership Boston’ or ‘automobile shop Boston’ and include them in your website copy so that you can rank higher.

Quality links pointing to your website

In 2018, it is impossible to rank without a mix of highly targeted links coming from authoritative or relevant sources. Links are what affects the PageRank most and the way your website receives links helps search engines to verify how trustworthy it actually is.

Aside from the inbound (links pointed to your website), the outbound links (ones you include in your content) matter too - and also affect your PageRank status.

A clean and responsive website

Over the past couple of years, search engines have changed the way they rank websites - and part of that change was the introduction of crawlers that analyze your website and a lot of its aspects. These include but are not limited to your page loading speed, how cluttered your website is (with smaller files being better for ranking high) and the mobile-responsiveness (the ability of your theme to fit every device’s screen).

As you can see from what’s listed above, these three principles will help you benefit from SEO the most. Once you rank higher, the amount of traffic coming to your website will be bigger - and more noticeable. Most importantly, you will be positioned as a brand authority and everyone visiting your website will be a targeted (and potential) customer.


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