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Keep an Eye Out for Facebook’s New Instagram Creator Studio Dashboard

Facebook announced that they are testing out a new feature for their platform, the ‘Instagram Creator Studio Dashboard.’ Once ready to launch, this feature will be added to the Facebook Creator Studio app, launched launched last year. But, what does this mean for us?


Within this new feature, creators will be able to access a variety of data and analytics metrics. This will include: engagement statistics, lists/times of audience activity and interesting demographic reports. This feature will make it much easier for account users to access both their Facebook and Instagram data in one place.

Importance of Data

This feature is huge, because with data you can better understand your audience, figure out which platform your audience is most engaged with and give you better insight on what content to create! Overall, giving you a much better idea on how to come up with an optimized social media strategy!

It’s important to note that this Instagram Creator Studio Dashboard is still in the testing phase, it’s definitely something to keep a lookout for.


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