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Key Elements of an Effective Social Media Strategy

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

In order to set your business up for success, you need to have an optimal social media marketing strategy. In this post, we will discuss some tips and tricks you can implement to create a winning social media strategy. 


Use a Team Management Tool to Keep Track of Your Strategy 

Your team needs to be on the same page in order to have a successful strategy. Use a team management tool to ensure your team is covered when it comes to your overall social media goals, buyer personas, posting frequency, team roles and much more.

Use a Social Media Management Tool to Schedule Your Posts 

Your content plays a huge role in your social media marketing strategy. Your content helps build your presence, increase awareness and grow your following. But, in order to do these things, you need to schedule regularly. Consistency gains results. 

It may be difficult to physically post to all platforms everyday yourself, so this is when a management tool comes in. Choose a scheduling platform of your choice and schedule your content to your liking. This takes the hassle out of everything!

Most of these tools also allow you to track mentions of your pages and profiles and stay on top of overall engagement.

Implement an Analytics Tool to Track Results

Data, data, data. There’s nothing more important! You can’t have a successful strategy without measuring results and adjusting the plan accordingly. Consider using a social media analytics tool to help you track metrics like: brand awareness, leads acquisition, website traffic, sales and customer acquisition. Without it, how are you supposed to improve your strategy and see results?

In order to have a successful social media strategy, you need to implement certain tools to help you keep track of content, analytics and your team. Be sure to do your research and select the correct platforms and tools that work for you!


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