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LinkedIn Launches New Tools to Help Better Target Platform Ad Campaigns

If you don’t already know, LinkedIn is a social network for working professionals. It is a way to network, showcase your skills and potentially find work. Think of it like Facebook, but for job hunting and professional networking. 

Currently, LinkedIn has 645 million members. From a marketing perspective, this is a huge opportunity for adversities to target the right people and the right companies. And now, LinkedIn is giving advertisers the right tools to do so! So, let’s look at some updates.

First, LinkedIn has expanded its audience forecasting tool, which makes it much easier for advertisers to see who their campaign will reach and which ensures getting ads in front of the right people. 

Additionally, LinkedIn is rolling out ad targeting, which will also give advertisers the opportunity to refine their outreach efforts. 

So, if you’re a LinkedIn advertiser, it looks like these new tools will come in handy for you!


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