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Quizzes and Surveys: What You Don't Know Can Hurt Your Business

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Posting quizzes and surveys on your social media accounts is a great way to engage your customers and potential customers. It is likely that repeat customers will take a quiz or survey that you post just because they are loyal to the brand. Consumers are used to being asked to provide feedback to companies they have done business with.

It is also a great way to create engagement with your customers and show them they matter.

Potential customers will likely not participate in a quiz or survey unless you offer them something. And something good. But it is worth the time and energy and even money because getting them to engage is the first step to creating sales and then a lifetime customer.

Here are a few great tips on creating surveys that people want to take!

Give Them Something

This should be a freebie of some sort. A BOGO or a discount. You do not need to provide everyone who participates with something, but maybe completing the survey is a chance at a freebie or only those that get the highest scores on a quiz will receive a BOGO. But for sure give them something. You are asking them to take time to help build your brand.

Short and Sweet

No one is going to take your quiz or survey if it is long and arduous. People are on social media to be mindless and waste time. For many, it is a quick break from work or something to do during a commercial break. Do not ask them for a commitment.

Your questions should be short and concise. Use precise language that is easy to understand. If possible, make it multiple choice. If you want longer responses, limit the number of questions that require original answers and be sure the open-ended questions can be answered with brevity (I mean, consider school: the questions students skip are the open-ended ones!).

And if you are going to have open-ended questions, format the quiz so people only see one question at a time. If they open the survey and see lengthy questions they will close it. But be sure not to appear as if you are slipping one by them. Appearing shady or not forthcoming is not a good look for a brand.

Make it Fun

Again, most of us are on social media pages to have fun, blow off steam or distract ourselves. Quizzes should be funny or intriguing. People frequently post quiz results to their page- which house would you live in and what that says about you. Gamify your quiz a little while keeping it related to your products or services.

If you are able to create a quiz/survey that is super fun, you may be able to skip the freebie we suggested above.

Shareable Results

If your quiz is good enough and engaging enough, those who have taken it will want to share their results, and guess what happens then? Yup, they post the results on their page and then their friends see it and want to try as well.

Titles Matter

Readers decide if something is worth reading based on the title. It is why your high school English teacher made such a stink about titles. Titles that challenge what people know are very intriguing. Turns out that adding the word “actually” to a title makes that title get more clicks.

“How much do you know about your dog’s dreams” vs “How much do you ACTUALLY know about your dog’s dreams”

The latter suggests you don’t know what you think you know, and now you are tempted to learn something or prove something.

Engagement is incredibly important for a brand. Customers are what make a business stay a business. Engage with them in ways they want to be engaged with.


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