Should Law Firms Re-brand?

Each law firm has a brand, yet if the partners were asked to define that brand, many may not be able to. Their business is the law and much of their focus is on their clients, as it should be.

But the firm’s brand is the first aspect of the business potential clients use to judge the firm. While a firm may do fine with an organically created brand, if the brand is not strategically planned and executed, the firm’s clients and even their competitors can control their brand.

Control Your Own Brand

Start with the logo; it is low hanging fruit. Does your logo clearly convey the attitude, feel and values of your firm. If not, re-brand.

There are many law firm branding agencies that can help you design a new logo. Re-branding is a great way to reach and invigorate your clients and potential clients.

Many may worry that changing a logo will confuse or worry established clients.

Do not worry about that. Many companies change their logos regularly. Pepsi, Coke, Starbucks, FedEx and many others have changed logos several times over the years. The key is to control the messaging along with your new logo.