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Small Business Saturday Tips

Small Business Saturday was first observed in 2010. It is the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Created to help small businesses compete with the big retailers’ Black Friday sales, Small Business Saturday has grown quite a bit in its almost 11 years.

In 2020, 50% of Americans said they shopped on this day, and that number is believable since small businesses reported $19.5 billion on Small Business Saturday that year!

If your business is not engaging customers on this day, you are likely missing out.

If you are new to Small Business Saturday or if you are looking to amplify your Small Business Saturday presence, here are some ways to do that.

Show Yourself!

On Small Business Saturday, shoppers are likely specifically trying to shop small. Each year more shoppers want to support local and small businesses. Oftentimes, shoppers are looking to shop small businesses that they can relate to. This may be through relating to the owner, the mission or the vibe of the business.

Because so many shoppers enjoy shopping with companies they identify with, it is important, especially on Small Business Saturday when there is the potential for new customers to find you, to highlight who you are and what your business is about!

And this definitely means showing off the smallness of your business. Since on this day shoppers are specifically looking for small businesses, it is a great time to show off your home office, your kids helping you pack up orders, your dog coming to work or even testimonials from customers who have received personalized attention. Stick out with your smallness!

Be Seen and Heard

What is the point of great discounts when no one knows?

If you have not started advertising your sales yet, get to it! Use your social media accounts and your email lists to advertise your sales.

Use these platforms to highlight products that will go on sale, to give sneak peeks, to offer extra discounts for followers, to build a community of small shoppers and to just have fun and develop your brand and community.

Small Business Saturday is an opportunity to show off your business and build a customer base. Be sure to use the Shop Small logo. It is widely recognized and people love to advertise to the world when they support small businesses.


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