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Social Media Calendars that Work

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

If you run a business and ever do any research on marketing tips/strategies/trends, your social media feeds no doubt advertise social media calendars to you.

But in case it has not, a social media calendar is a yearly calendar that guides small businesses ideas on what to post to social media. Yup, that is it.

What Should I Post?

Sounds simple, yet, I am sure there have been times when the person running your social media accounts has stared at the ceiling trying to come up with the next week’s posts.

But a good social media calendar will actually help with the planning because a good social media account is not haphazardly posted to. It is curated.

There is plenty of research out there explaining the statistics and theories behind what and when to post, but small business owners have so much on their plates already.

A good calendar will have taken into consideration all of the trends and research.

Why PTM’s Calendar?

First, we do the research. A lot of it. We understand digital marketing. And while a social media calendar is not the whole of digital marketing, it is a great way to get started.

Here is what we know. A report from The New York Times Customer Insight Group found why people share content.

  • 84% share to support a cause

  • 78% share to stay connected with those they know

  • 69% share to feel involved in the world

  • 68% share to define themselves

  • 49% share for entertainment or to provide valuable content to others.

What our calendar does is allows you to trust analytics a bit more. If you are posting haphazardly, then your analytics will be haphazard, thus, pointless. But with our social media calendar, your posts will be thoughtful and intentional, so your data will tell you what is and what is not working and you will then know specially what to tweak. (If you are not using your social media analytics, you must start).


What makes PTM’s calendar unique is it is hyperlinked. This is to give the user peace of mind and also a bit of education.

For example, the calendar suggests a 6 month long freebie-giveaway Fridays. This may turn business owners off. This feels gimmicky or cheap. Yet, the calendar links to a well-researched article detailing why and for what purposes freebies work.


Creating an engaging social media account is hard. But it is impossible with random one-off posts. Engagement on social media is not much different than in face to face (remember face to face interactions? Oh, COVID, please go away) life. Talking to a person once for 5 minutes at the bus stop or in the elevator rarely leads to an engaging friendship. But see that person every day, establish connections and jokes with them, then true engagement happens.

The most engaging social media accounts have patterns. Followers know when to tune in for certain events. They know what they can expect to find. And, if it is really good, they think about that page when they need something.

That is what PTM’s social media calendar will help businesses do- stand out through education and connection.

Using tried and true engagement techniques, the PTM social media calendar will help users come up with educational, informational and just plain fun series. The kind that will have your consumers and would-be consumers coming back.

Social media calendars are jump starters and time savers. It will not help a business who does not know their audience. It will not help a business that does not have a clear mission and vision. These are critical to running a successful business. A social media calendar will help you show off that successful business!


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