The New Marketing: Attracting and Keeping Employees

Not incorrectly, when people think about marketing, they think about marketing to customers. But recent events are forcing employers to consider marketing to another population- their employees and their future employees.

In February, CBS reported statistics from the Labor Department showing 670,000 job vacancies, a 17% jump from the previous year. Becky Frankiewicz, the president of Manpower Group North America suggests that the labor market is getting tighter and there is a talent shortage. And to her this means “skilled workers are calling the shots,”

She urges companies to understand what workers want and says it is more than pay and ping pong in the office. It is benefits. "Employees are now stakeholders in companies’ ecosystems,” Frankiewicz reminds us.

And now the world is dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. Businesses are laying people off and essential workers are striking. Some businesses are shuttering their doors for an indefinite amount of time. People are hurt and skeptical of corporations.

Businesses will have marketing work to do for employees.