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Tiffany Bellamy interviewed Tina Rousse for Marketing Matters

Creative, Passionate and Experience Marketing Consultant

Tina Rousse
Tina Rousse

Tina Rousse is the results-driven marketing consultant behind Tina Rousse Consultancy in Beirut, Lebanon. With over 13 years in retail and distribution, she brings creativity and strategy to each of her clients.

“It takes time to be professional. It takes confidence and foresight to become professionally genuine.” Since 2002, Tina has been creating brands that increased the equity, market pull and long term sales of her clients. She has recruited, coached and trained marketing teams and turned them into high-performing professionals.

Offering her clients the “key aspects of today’s utmost marketing requirements.” Tina Rousse blends analysis and passion to customize PR initiatives that are out-of-the-box.

Her services include:

  • Marketing strategy, plan, concept and development

  • Branding and direct marketing

  • Relationship marketing and public relations

  • Customer management strategy and concept development

  • Digital/social media strategy, plan and development

  • Blogger and influencer outreach

  • Event/promotion concept and development

  • Marketing training

She uses a 360-degree approach to each clientele segment to deliver tailor-made marketing services that “turn the sparks of your brand identity into an efficient strategy.” Because she believes ‘the secret to public relations is knowing how to appreciate the person in front of you” TIna’s marketing campaigns aim to trigger emotions and leverage content and bloggers or influencers that serve her clients brand.

Tina earned her bachelors in business and marketing at Saint Joseph University in Beirut and her masters in marketing at ES Business School also in Beirut. She is multilingual speaking Arabic, French, and English.

A quick look at Tina’s website and social media accounts will tell you she is creative, dedicated and open, like all good artists. She says “ never cease to be amazed by the world around you. Don’t miss one occasion to seek inspiration and challenge your creativity”


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