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Video Content: Marketing Gold

reating video content can be intimidating since most business owners have not studied video production, photography or marketing. However, that does not mean it is impossible.

Social media platforms are only increasing the ways people can watch videos on their platforms. This should tell businesses this is an area worth attention. If Facebook is investing money in it, there must be money in it.

Facebook Live, Facebook, IGTV, Instagram Stories, videos on Twitter, Tik Tok.... Video content is everywhere and videos already have people’s attention. So it is a great place for businesses to tap into.

Consider how often you watch a video. There you are scrolling through Facebook or Instagram and you see a moving post. You stop. You look. Many times you watch. Sometimes you share.

There are those videos that are sped up so that a long process can be seen from start to finish in less than one minute.

There are montage videos.

There are those videos with subtitles so you can watch and listen privately without headphones.

Here are some tips for creating effective videos.

Short. Facebook videos should be one minute or less and Instagram even shorter. ‘Nuff said.

Native. On Facebook, videos created on Facebook perform better than videos that are linked to Youtube. This is most likely because native videos start playing as people are scrolling. It catches their attention. Posting a link to Youtube requires viewers to leave Facebook to see the video.

First 10 seconds is where a viewer decides to stay or go. There is so much content on the internet so if something is not interesting or useful, why stay?

Instant gratification. That is what makes social media so addicting. People can get immediate results. Information and entertainment are at their fingertips. How tos and informational videos are the most watched online content, so try making one of those for viewers. Plus this type of information is likely to be shared.

Subtitles. In movies, people hate them. Online videos, people love them. Many people scroll with the volume down (probably because they are at work while watching videos!). This can be done with basic technology.

But what do I write about?

For content, look in the comments. What are clients and potential clients looking to know! Not only will this serve as information people want; it also shows them: this company listens!

Build the brand. Get intimate. A day in the life. Behind the scenes. Tell customers who they are working with.

Having an event? About to launch a new product or introduce a new employee? Stream it LIVE!!! This can build excitement and allow for people to comment as the event is happening.

Create opportunities for engagement helps customers feel connected. User generated content. Ask followers to send videos. When reposting their content make sure to tag or # them. People want exposure and recognition. Interact with those that send contact in. This helps form a relationship, which is what many on social media are looking for.


Use videos to talk to a client, employee or another professional in the business. This can bring to life a company and help customers feel connected. Interviewing someone who can offer more insight to customers is a wonderful way to connect, proving they are what matters, not the bottom line.

Highlighting an employee may inspire that employee to share that video, creating a natural way for employees to promote the business.

There are tons of free and inexpensive applications to help people of all levels create content. The web is also filled with a ton of tutorials. Facebook recently launched Creator Studio and with that launch they included a Primers series to help content creators learn about video creation.


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