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What 2020 Consumers are Looking for in a Brand

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

PT Marketer Group

I feel like I start so many blogs, conversations, social media posts, and thoughts with "2020 has been a dumpster fire" or something like that!

And it is true, no doubt. In addition to a pandemic, there have been natural disasters, political tensions, highlighted injustices and it has made 2020 tough with no end in sight.

But we're humans, and we are adaptive. And for each terrible thing that has occurred, humans change, fight and adjust. That’s just what we do and one of the many things that makes us so amazing. 

I have always loved my neighbors and neighborhood. Everyone is kind and helpful. If I need a cup of milk for a recipe, I never have to run to the store, because I know my neighbors will be kind enough to lend me whatever I need. 

When the pandemic started and we were forced to stay-at-home, I fell in love with my neighbors even more. Within just a few weeks of the stay-at-home order, we were hit with a fairly bad storm. We lost electricity for days and had a tremendous about of storm damage.

But do you know what happened the day after the storm? My neighbors called asking if I needed help. One neighbor asked “do you need ice?” and another asked, “do you need help picking up those branches?”

We came together as a community and cleaned up our neighborhood. And just because the storm is over our love for one another hasn't stopped. We are shopping for each other, saving scraps for each other’s animals, babysitting each other’s kids, and so much more.

My community has been the core reason I have been able to strengthen my network. Since the stay-at-home order started, I have been able to expand my network through virtual communities, like Facebook Groups, shop on more entrepreneur based platforms like Etsy and Facebook Marketplace. And thanks to platforms like TikTok I found laughter and pure entertainment while weathering the storm.

When I think about it 2020 hasn't really been the dumpster fire I always talk about, it really has given me the opportunity to build trusting relationships within my community, find my happy place, and connect with others who share the same values as me. 

What does this have to do with marketing?

It should tell businesses what people are looking for right now. Togetherness and love. Self-love and self-care. Peace and kindness. Good deeds and decency. 

Recent reports from Pinterest have shown some new trends among the Gen Z generation: 

  • Searches for 'mental health check-in' are up 5x 

  • Creative expression is also high on their agenda with searches for 'ASMR food' (+84%), 'mindful eating' (+44%)

  • Searches for 'calming bedroom' (+3x) and 'feng shui bedroom layout' (+2.5x) 

According to another study, since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, 65% of consumers have become more concerned about sustainability, environmental issues, and positivity during the buying process.

However, consumers are also looking for a genuine connection and responsiveness.

  • 79% say a personalized experience is more important than personalized marketing.

  • 77% will recommend a brand that offers personal service to friends and family.

  • 75% of global consumers reported less wor due to COVID-19 and, as a result, 60% have modified purchases to focus on essential items. 

  • 76 percent expect a real-time email or mobile updates. 93% expect a response time in less than 24 hours; this is down by 3% suggesting consumers also understand the pressures COVID-19 has put on businesses.

  • 81 percent value flexibility in returns or cancellations.

Consumers value connection, especially when choosing a brand. They want to know that you sympathize with them, through the good and bad moments in time. So, take the time to create a caring campaign filled with giveaways and discounts to show your audience how much you value their decision to choose your brand, among the competition.


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