What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing has become a necessary part of digital marketing. And while it does not always deal with a company’s actual products, it does deal with the customers; and that is critical.

Content marketing is educational marketing. It requires companies to know what their customers want to learn more about, and then the company provides that information on a regular basis. In turn, this builds loyalty from customers and followers.

Which Came First?

Think about this scenario. I used to go to a local farm to buy my eggs. I paid $4.50/doz. One day, the woman there told me I should just buy chickens as each chick was only $4. She took me around the farm, taught me all about chickens and taught me tricks she learned caring for them. She compared and contrasted raising chickens to having cats and dogs, and she shared with me how I could get them to get along with each other.

I took my dozen eggs home. I started Googling about backyard chickens. I looked at the farm's website, and sure enough there was more information about chickens.

This was 10 years ago. Since then, I have purchased several flocks from them. I have bought food, treats, bedding and other needed materials for them. While I am there, I also buy produce, baked goods and little gifts from their store.

Now, I w