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What You Need To Know About Stories on TikTok

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

TikTok is doing a trial of TikTok Stories. TikTok Stories will be similar to Instagram Stories, but there will include an added feature. TikTok Stories will allow followers to add public comments, whereas on other social media outlets comments are private and sent as messages.

TikTok is testing Stories with a very small test group and there is no word whether all accounts will have access to TikTok Stories.

Why Are Stories So Popular

If you find it amazing that disappearing content is so popular and critical to marketing you are not alone. When Snapchat was introduced, many people just assumed it was for sexually explicit or elicit content. But it did not take all ages of people long to realize just how great Snapchat is for everyday use. Then Instagram took their turn and created Instagram Stories which have become extremely important to brands and creator exposure. Stories have become immersive and interactive beyond expectation.

Stories allow followers to have a real-life real-time glimpse into a day in the life.

As an added dream come true, Instagram added Polls and Surveys to Instagram Stories creating an easy way for brands to survey their audience and help direct their brand strategy. Consumers have the luxury of interacting directly with their favorite brands to provide authentic reviews about product quality and shopping experience in real-time.

However, Stories are not meant to be edited or staged. They are meant to be authentic and real, allowing users to feel like they really know the brand, which is important especially amongst younger consumers.

If your brand is not using Stories on any platform yet, what are you waiting for? Out of 1 billion daily users on Instagram, 500 million are looking at Stories


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