A New Way of Doing Business

If you are wondering if this is the new normal or what the new normal will be you are not alone. Watching the news can be stressful for business owners as they watch businesses close their doors, permanently or temporarily.

For some, staying open means changing. And that can be a good thing. Everyone is changing right now and learning how to do every day tasks online, so this is a less risky time for many businesses to move to online features that can be business saving and money saving.

As businesses try to upgrade and update their practices, they will need to market this to their employees and their customers, so while it may initially seem like a technology and sales issue, it will become a marketing and customer service issue as well.

A few weeks ago we wrote “How Can I Grow My Business Without a Physical Location.” We discussed adding chatbots, video tutorials and customer conferencing.

Here are some other great ideas to engage your customers.

Virtual tours

Business owners who have a physic