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Am I Too Old for Tik Tok?

If you are over 30, you probably have heard of Tik Tok, but you are pretty sure it is for kids and that it is weird.

Maybe your kids have shown you their hilarious Tik Tok which has only confirmed for you that it is not something you need to use.

And you would be wrong. Like nearly every other social media platform, Tik Tok is adding more features that appeal to businesses.

What is Tik Tok?

Tik Tok is an app where users can make 15 and 60 second videos. Tik Tok has 500 million users/month and 1.5 billion downloads from app stores. Typically, users are ages 16-24, but this age range has been growing since they have added ads in 2018.

As we have mentioned before, video is the king of content, and Tik Tok knows it. Being the latest platform for short-form videos, they have added an app for their ad campaigns.

What does it look like for businesses?

Tik Tok Ads Manager offers you a navigation toolbar with Dashboard, Campaign, Library, Reporting and Insight.

On the Dashboard you will see your data trends for your campaigns. On the Campaign tab you will be able to see and bulk manage your ads and campaigns.

The Library is where users can go to store your resources you would use for your ads. This is also where you would manage any third party trackers.

Reporting is the tab to use for printing a report. And you can choose the information you’d like to export, so you no longer have to clean up the excel spreadsheet before sharing it with stakeholders. It also allows you to schedule a report!

They have provided some resources, a blog and inspirational stories for businesses who want to use Tik Tok for Business

Do I need to be good at videography or have a professional on staff?

So much of social media marketing is about authenticity and creating a brand, so if you have a small company then using your phone camera for videos is fine. That is who you are!

For now, the market you will be reaching on Tik Tok is a younger crowd, so for them it is less about flashy impressive equipment and more about fun. Have fun with your Tik Toks. That is the platform. Fun!

Hashtags are not going anywhere!

You may not need to know about video equipment, but you do need to know about hashtags! Tik Tok makes it easy to create because there are so many hashtag challenges. There are also trending dances and songs. Join the fun and you will not have to come up with as many ideas as you think.

After you create a video on Tik Tok, the app has a ton of features you can add, like music and effects. There is a music library on the app that allows you to use the songs. You probably have seen many a Tik Tok of a lip syncing ‘tween. That could be you.

You can share your Tik Toks on Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. This is a great way to expand your following on Tik Tok and engage a broader audience on FB and IG.

User Generated Content

This is popular on all platforms. The idea is to get your followers to generate content for you. For one, it is less time consuming for you and your team. But more importantly it builds loyalty and fun into your brand.

Nike has set an wonderful example of how to do this. Their account is private. But search #nike on Tik Tok and you will see over 900 millions posts featuring that hashtag.

Tik Tok may not be as comprehensive as Instagram and Facebook when it comes to their business side of the platform, but it is coming!


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