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Creator Studio: There's an App for That!

Creator Studio made everything easier. Users could schedule posts, create videos and manage multiple accounts for Facebook and Instagram all from one space. It was a game changer.

And now, thank you Creator Studio, there is an app. This will take managing your accounts to the next level of ease, because let’s be honest, if I can do it from my phone, it is easier than doing it from my computer!

The app will allow users to manage posts, check insights and send and respond to messages.Notice, that says manage posts and not create posts. This app is being referred to as a companion app because it cannot stand alone. The app does not allow users to create posts yet, but nearly everything else you can do on your computer, you can do on the app.

By “manage posts” they mean change titles and descriptions of videos, delete posts and publish and reschedule drafts. The app will also allow you to see notifications.

Users can still easily toggle between multiple accounts via the app. On all accounts, users can see their metrics.

They can see metrics on number of 3 second views, 1 minutes views, comments, earnings, number of returning viewers, shares, reactions and total engagement.

The Creator Studio app is available for iOS and Android.

If you are not yet using Creator Studio, WHY? Check out our blog here to help you get started


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