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Facebook Creator Studio - PT Marketer Group

Creator Studio is a feature of Facebook that has gone mostly untalked about. This is probably because it did not really change how Facebook is used. However, it is worth noting since it allows users to see analytics for more than one page at a time and has linked Facebook and Instagram analytics. It also created a one-stop video creating and posting space.

While none of these are exactly new features, for those with several pages, it puts everything neatly in one space, and the many Instagram users who find analytics on Instagram to be cumbersome will appreciate this integration the most.

Creator Space Analytics

Users can control what pages they see in Creator Studio by simply clicking the desired pages. This is a helpful organizational tool for those with several pages, and the pages chosen can be changed at any time and very easily.

Next to each post is a number of views and number of engagements. Clicking on these posts will show more detailed metrics.

If the post includes a video, Creator Studio will provide metrics on the number of 1-minute, 10-second, and 3-minute views. It will also provide users with an average watch time. Audience Retention and Audience Engagement are two other pieces of interesting data users can explore when they post videos.

Under Audience Retention, users will see a graph that shows the number of views at each second of the video. From this data, users can learn about their viewers and make decisions on how to create videos that retain viewers.

PT Marketer Group - Creator Studio

Audience Engagement is where users can learn more about their viewers. The demographics provided can help inform how users create content.

Users can obtain data on posts that are not videos as well. The data are similar for video and non-video posts.

For video posts that receive enough engagement, Creator Studio will give a Distribution Score. This score shows how the post is performing. The higher the score the more your video is organically appearing in feeds. Here is how Facebook explains how the score is computed:

The score is relative to your page's typical performance, which is computed as the average of your last 100 published videos. Comparisons are made to specific points in time - for example, if the video you're checking has been published for 2 days and 4 hours, we will compare its performance to the average of your 100 previous videos at the 2 days, 4-hour mark.


PT Marketer Group - Creator Studio

This might be the most exciting aspect of Creator Studio. Here users can see trends for their pages. Insights use the same metrics for the page as Content Library does for each individual post.

Under a tab called Loyalty, users can see how many followers they have gained or lost in a designated time period, how many followers return and to which videos they are returning.

Other Features

Connect with Instagram: Creator Studio lets users to create and manage their Instagram posts and get insights from their computers.

Users have to first connect their Instagram account to Creator Studio: Using Creator Studio, users will be able to post to IGTV as well.

Monetize: Creator Studio makes it easier to monetize posts, but the Page must meet certain criteria in order to be eligible.

Sound Collection: Under Creative Tools, users will find Sound Collection. Here they can access free music and sound effects for their videos.

While none of these analytics are new and the feature's capabilities have always been possible, Creator Studio eliminates toggling between pages. It is a time-saver; something you cannot really argue against.


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