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Instagram Updates: Pinned Comments and eCommerce

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Notice anything different lately about your Instagram account? Some of these changes mean you are in the testing phase and some of these are just new for all users.

We have been writing a lot of blogs about Instagram updates. In May, we addressed the testing phase for pinned comments, and now we are telling you how it works.

Pinned Comments are Available to All

Instagram is out of the test phase for pinned comments, a move meant to create more positive interactions on Instagram. Vishal Shah, VP of Products at Instagram, announced on Twitter on July 7 that all users can now “pin a few comments to the top of your feed post. By highlighting positive comments, you can better manage the tone of the conversation.” This is part of IG’s anti-bullying movement.

Youtube has allowed pinned comments since 2016, and its users do feel a sense of control over the tone of their content.

It still remains to be seen how these pinned comments will create a more positive landscape on Instagram. Might people think twice before posting something negative because they see something positive? Might negative posters be deterred because they will not get as much recognition if they are not pinned? We shall see how this affects the comment section.

For businesses, pinning comments is a great way to highlight aspects of your products that you would like others to see or to pin FAQs.

You can also delete a comment or many comments at once.

Businesses should have a well thought out plan regarding pinning and deleting posts. Deleting negative comments about customers’ experiences or opinions can seem shady and untrustworthy. We would recommend deleting posts that are of the bullying nature rather than ones that are simply critical.

How do I pin comments?

Instagram allows users to pin three comments. To do so:

  • Click on the comment sections of one of your posts

  • Find the comment you would like to pin, swipe left

  • There you will see a new icon, the pushpin. Push it!

How do I delete comments?

  • Below your post, click View All Comments

  • Then click the three dots in the top right corner

  • Click Manage comments

  • Click the ones you’d like to delete. You can choose up to 25

What is in the testing phase on IG?

Some users on Instagram may have noticed some of their buttons moving back in May. The heart icon may have disappeared or the Direct button might have shifted to the button from the top. These moves are part of IG testing phase to figure out where to put their new Shop button.

Currently, a small group of users will see the Shop button. Pushing that button will display the current Shop app with products that businesses have added Shopping Tags to.

But eventually, this aspect of Instagram’s eCommerce will expand and will be compatible with Facebook’s eCommerce. This expansion may be due to COVID-19’s effect on online shopping. According to one study, online sales in March increased by 25%/day.

Setting Up a Storefront on IG

First, be sure you have an Instagram business account connected to Facebook business pages.

Then check your store's eligibility here and here and be sure that your store sells physical goods.

You need to have a Facebook catalog and that needs to be in sync with your IG page. You can do this in Facebook’s Catalog Manager. While the process is not long, getting them to be linked might take a day or two.

Instagram provides a great tutorial on how to set up your Shop.

Ecommerce is growing. In February, eMarketer predicted that in 2020 eCommerce would grow by 2.8%; now they are predicting a 10.5% growth, approximately $4.8 trillion.

Businesses that sell physical goods cannot miss out on this boom!


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