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Make Tik Toks for Your Business

If you have not been on Tik Tok. Close this blog right now and log on to Tik Tok.

I’ll wait… probably for hours because Tik Tok is that good!

Before I was using Tik Tok, I would ask teens and young 20-somethings, what is so good about Tik Tok, and their inability to explain it and its goodness are what convinced me it was not for me.

Fast forward two years later, and I find myself wishing I was on Tik Tok earlier.

Let me see if I can do a better job explaining why it is so good.

First, Tik Tok’s vibe is far more positive and supportive than Facebook by far.

Second, the more your use Tik Tok the more it curates content for you. While that is not super different than other social media sites, it is different. I have found myself on to “roller skating Tik Tok” I am not sure how. But I will tell you that I recently bought a pair of roller skates after seeing so many Tik Toks with women dancing to Fleetwood Mac on roller skates!

There is “Black Tik Toke” “Gay Tik Tok” and so on. Now, these are not official pages, of course. It just means that is the kind of content you are getting lots of. I get lots of animal and science content as well.

So, Tik Tok is a great wonderful time suck and I love it.

On Tik Tok’s “For Businesses” page, their heading is “Don’t Make Ads” and then underneath that the text changes rapidly between: “Make it Interesting,” “Make a New Trend.” “Make a Connection,” and Make a Tik Tok.”

As I scroll through my For You Page (FYP), ads do come up. Some I watch, but most I do not.

But, as I said, I bought roller skates from just watching so many women roller skating.

I have also saved a ton of videos on how to do hair.

And in some of the videos that I have saved or “liked” the Tik Tok creators are suggesting products that they use for their hair or skating experiences.

I have curly hair. In the summer it is hard to manage. When it has not been cut it is harder to manage. It is summer, and I have not cut my hair due to COVID-19. I have relied on many videos helping me figure it out.

I just bought roller skates. I have many videos of people teaching dance moves.

Now, what is your business? What do those you need/want your product/services want/need to know?

Make them a Tik Tok!

Get them to follow you.

This is how Tik Tok will be most powerful for your businesses.

This a Gen Xer talking. While most of Tik Tok is Gen Z and Millennials, Gen Xers have some presence on Tik Tok, too.

We said months ago the future of social media was going to be videos. Tik Tok has proven us right.

Here is the other thing about Tik Tok that will help your business. These are the trendsetters. This is a great place for market research. Tik Tokkers with lots of followers will tell you what your demographic is looking for and forward to.

It is easy to write Tik Tok and whatever comes next off as childish and a waste of time. But that is nearsighted. Many businesses did this with Facebook, then Instagram, and we have seen how valuable they have become. Part of being a business owner is staying up to date with new technologies, not only in your field but also in sales and marketing. Tik Tok is here now. Embrace it


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