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Signs You Need Help with Social Media

Many business leaders respect the value of social media. They know social media can assist them in achieving their goal of affordable marketing, exposure, increasing consumer engagement, and improving conversion rate. However, not everyone knows how to run a successful social media presence.

Top 9 Signs You Need Professional Assistance with Social Media

  1. Not Committing to Social Media Long Enough – Social media is an important part of your business. If you forget to update or engage in your Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn page for months you can’t expect results.

  2. Not Connecting with Others – There is a huge power in numbers, especially if you want to share important content with others. If there is no reach, there is no engagement.Too much

  3. Automation – There are many Facebook pages that have blog posts that automatically post to their page. This tactic can appear disingenuous and cause your fans to hide your page or unlike it.

  4. Post Overload – There are unwritten rules as to how often one should post on the social media platforms. You need to take into consideration the risk or post overload as you can lose your fans for good.

  5. You Only Post about Your Brand – It is proven that you can lose interest pretty fast if you are only posting and promoting your own products. Make sure to offer a mix of different content related to your business.

  6. You Ignore Google + - The SEO benefits of having an account on Google’s social network is already being proven. The long term social media benefit of this network is yet to be seen and will only become bigger as times goes by.

  7. You are Not Tracking How Social Media Activities Impact Your Business Goals – Successful social media campaigns begin with a specific plan and business goals. And businesses that keep track on their goals and progress are the most successful on Social Media platforms.

  8. Mixing Business with Pleasure – It is OK to share your business-related posts on your personal social media accounts. However, you need to separate your business and personal social media pages to ensure you don’t post something that has little or no relevance to your business.

  9. You Are Not Using Other Social Media Networks – We all use Facebook and most people are on Twitter but have you taken into consideration other social media networks such as Instagram, LinkedIn, or Pinterest to increase exposure. If you are having trouble with managing your social media accounts properly, it is time to ask for a professional assistance. The quality of your business, reputation and ROI depends on it


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