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Step Up Your Social Game

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Check-ins are important in all areas of life. We go to the doctors regularly to make sure all systems are a go. We check in with friends and family to make sure they are well. We check our business’s goals to make sure we are on track.

Today, check in on your social media accounts to make sure they are aligned to the latest findings.

Here’s The Latest!

Boomers are digital. They are shopping online and using social media to purchase products.

Tik Tok’s cool for everyone. If you are on Tik Tok you will see Gen Z poking fun at all the old people on Tik Tok.

29% of Tik Tok users are aged 30-49 (that's old btw).

There are 1 billion Tik Tok videos watched daily. 1 billion. The most viewed video on Tik Tok has been viewed 2.2 billion times. If you have been on Tik Tok this is not surprising. It is addictive. If you have not been on Tik Tok but are considering it, clear your day.

Social commerce is on the rise. Before the pandemic, you might have thought “who are these people buying things off of Facebook.” But now you are probably too busy buying something on Facebook to have that thought.

87% of shoppers say social media helps them make decisions!

Video content was always gold, but it is getting even more valuable. 68% of people watch YouTube to make purchasing decisions. 84% bought a company’s product after watching a video. 52% prefer informational videos between 3-6 minutes. 8 seconds. That is how long you have to grab a viewer’s attention. Yes, we are goldfish.

Social conversations are important for sales. 32% of Americans are more likely to buy from positive and optimistic ads. 32% use social media to find humorous content. 68% do not think companies create good content.

Much of the above stats pertain to videos. People love watching videos. Give the people what they want.

What You Need to Know About Videos

When you think about videos think about the marketing funnel.

Attract interest in your product.

Educate prospective customers.

Convert them into customers.

Retain them.

Videos at each part of the funnel will look different.

Videos that attract and educate- Explainer Videos

These will be polished videos about 60-90 seconds long. These will be on your website, socials and paid ads. Here is where you explain your product/service.

Explainer videos have the potential to be boring. Do not just sit in front of the camera and explain your product. Animation with voice-over is a great way to accomplish this goal.

Videos that Convert- Demonstration and Testimonial videos

The quality of demonstration videos can be basic and homemade-looking. They are videos made on the fly by your customers. These can go in your email blasts or on your website. These videos should be about 2 mins long, but not longer than 3. They should show the product being used. Include in this video what your product looks like, what its features are and how it is used. This should be genuine and authentic. These videos should accurately represent what the consumer will get.

Testimonial and customer review videos are super important. 90% of consumers read online reviews. These videos can also have basic production value since they can be filmed by the customer themself. It can often be awkward to ask a customer to do this for you, but there are creative ways to accomplish it and get buy-in! Again, and with everything, be authentic.

There are plenty of other videos that will convert potential customers and retain existing ones. We are just getting started here!


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